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Published on Mar 14, 2020

Everything YOU need to know about Sony's new PS5 patent leaks, designs, tech specs, and even if the pro version's going to come out!

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Sony has been keeping details about the upcoming PlayStation 5 pretty close to their chest. While Microsoft has given some solid information about the Xbox Series X, we still don’t know much about the PS5, other than the fact that the logo looks exactly like people thought it would. However, it seems like Sony might have finally slipped and we may finally have some leaked information about Sony’s soon to release system.

Actually, make that systems.

That’s right! Right now rumors suggest that Sony plans on release two versions of the PlayStation 5 at launch. One will be a base version and the other will essentially be a Pro version that’s a bit pricier and more powerful. These leaks also detail tech specs of each version of the PS5, and the likely differences between them. Of course, we also have some new information on what exactly the PlayStation 5 will look like.

Heads up, you might have a pizza slice holder sitting on your TV stand for the next couple of years.

Of course, these are still just rumors, but they’re looking more and more legit with each passing day as the PlayStation 5 release draws closer. As we gear up for another round of the console wars, you’re definitely going to want to know everything you can about these upcoming systems before you make your purchase. This video from TheGamer is a great place to start and should help you sort through the many rumors surrounding the PlayStation 5.

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